The Palestinian flag is a natural part of the scene here in Algeria. In some shops, on balconies, in stadiums, on cars, drawn on some walls and sometimes even in weddings… anywhere you go, your eyes might catch it. In stadiums, where each supporter glorifies his team, Palestine’s name often units them, “Palestine, the country of martyrs”, they all shout together to prove that our daily life, with its sad and happy moments, never makes us forget our biggest concern.
On my way home, I held my camera waiting for the car to speed down a bit to capture the pieces of art that some shops sell. I was surprised when reviewing the pictures. In the middle of the forests of Algeria, on the mountains of Tizi Ouzou, there where no camera films and none sees except the few passengers, Palestine flag flaps on the top of a humble shop that sells traditional items.

Besides carrying a message, this picture says a lot. You might be there in your corner feeling sad for the past events in Palestine, for the recent events in its occupied part, in Baytu Almaqdis, or for the future events somewhere on the sacred land, thinking that if you were not alone you would do better than crying for the Muslim Ommah’s pain. Know, dear reader, that you’re not alone. Express your opinion openly, shout it out loud even when none around cares, hang on that beloved flag proudly and keep in mind that, together, we can set it free.