For those of you who read “Friday wedding“, we are going to talk about the opposite case through a real life story wrote on behalf of the one who lived it, as usual.

Assalamu Alaykum everyone!

I am Nawar (this is surely not my real name 🙂 ), an ordinary girl, full of life, a worker with a lot of dreams and projects. But something happened that changed everything and I hope it will change everything for you.


One month before the big event:

[BE for the rest of the article]
I wrote a thought on my notebook. Who do I fear for real?
I know Allah is severe in punishment but I also know that He is The Most Merciful with those who do good and those who repent. Probably, the reason I think of His punishment is that I am afraid my deeds might not be good enough. I surely need to get closer to Him in order for my worries to disappear.


BE-10 days:

The first day of Ramadan and a special day in my life. I crowned my good manners with Hijab. Wearing Hijab (scarf) was such a comforting thing that came after pondering for a long time. What warmed my heart the most beside stepping forward in obedience to Allah was the support of people around me. I wrote on my notebook: Even when you can’t do good, encouraging those who do it is also rewarding.


BE-6 days:

I am determined more than ever to make this Ramadan different, I want it to be a rebirth for me…, a note I wrote on the last pages of my book. I believe that Ramadan is an occasion for all of us to reorganize our priorities and to spend more time working for the Hereafter rather than this worldly life. It might be a mean for some people to get back to the right path or to revise a part of their life and correct whatever mistakes they did. A wise Muslim would not miss such opportunity for the world.


BE-10 hours:

Having some fun with friends and preparing for my wedding supposed to take place after Eid. I can say that I was often surrounded with the right people, blessed be our friendship! Good friends are those who push you forward even when climbing a mountain, but pull you back when you are on the edge of a cliff. I can’t say enough about good friends and Alhamdu Lillah I could have a bunch of those!


BE [The Big Event]

Hard is to leave this world without warnings… a note I was supposed to write on the last page of my book. I was like a candle that was extinguished when its glow started sparkling. None in the world would ever guess that I was meant to pass away in the next few hours. I am glad Allah guided me to wear Hijab and chose to accept my soul in such a holy month giving me the chance to receive a last reminder before death.
For those of you wondering, it was a car accident! But I am not here to give you a lecture on how you should drive your car carefully, rather what I would wish you to drive carefully is your life. We take tomorrow for granted and this is our biggest mistake.
Dear readers, never think that death knocks doors. How many times do we delay repentence? How many are those under the ground who couldn’t repent? And how many of you are reading these lines not knowing that the next breath might be their last?

The picture: Quran 3:185 {Every soul shall taste death. but only on the Day of Resurrection will you be requited in full [for whatever you have done] – whereupon he that shall be drawn away from the fire and brought into paradise will indeed have gained a triumph: for the life of this world is nothing but an enjoyment of self-delusion.}