This also is a real life story! The story of our parents Adam and Hawa (Eve) and how Shaytan (Satan) caused them to leave Paradise.

I used to say that Shaytan tries to find the key of everyone of us, once done, he closes the jail’s door and puts the key in our pocket so that we alone will be held accountable for not freeing ourselves on the Day of Judgement. Your jail could be pride, being lazy about prayers, lying, harming others,… there could be a variety of jails, but the most important is to know that the key is in your possession.

As I went on watching lectures, I found a perfect explanation on the way Shaytan works by Teacher Nouma Ali Khan (watch the video)

The story of Adam peace be upon him is the most perfect illustration of Shaytan’s strategy. In fact, it is the same strategy that he uses with us, sons of Adam and Eve (Hawa), in order to deprive us Jannah (Paradise) as he caused our parents to leave it one day. I chose to share a direct link to the short video instead of summarizing it in this article, but if you wish to watch the longer one, you can find it -> Here

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