This short article will answer the HOW question and will be a mean to offer these Islamic bookmaks to whoever likes reading Quran.

How?Photoshop Tools

These are 4cm × 15cm

  • Choose the calligraphy and edit it by deleting the background and bringing it to the bookmark size. The tools for this on photoshop are eraser and magic wand (the picture)
  • Choose the background you wish and any other kind of decoration and you’ll be done!

Eid gifts:

To Quran lovers, you can print, use and share the bookmarks in the featured image. If you want one in particular just let me know, especially the tow on the left that contain the signature in case you want it removed.

It is not Eid yet but the most of Muslims increase in doing good in the last 10 days of Ramadan, including reading Quran 🙂