What if in the blink of an eye you understand years of existence…

I had that glimpse tow years ago. Everything I lived in the past years then made sense. Those hazardous discoveries, those painful moments and the joyful ones, anything I lived led me straight ahead to the place in which I stood afterward.

Details of our story today are not important. In fact, I wrote this as an episode of the diary because there are lessons to learn or keys to hold. I learned them and I wish you to learn them too. To me, what happened was amazingly amazing! Not only non planned and unexpected but also it made me understand that by the end it depends on no criteria, it depends on none, on nothing, it depends only on Allah alone, on His will. That’s a lesson we have to keep in mind all along our existence. When things turn wrong, when your plans do not work, it is perhaps because Allah has a better plan for you. Maybe, if you were shown the consequence of the cause you are striving for, you would decline it by your own. So the first key I want you to hold in hand is TRUST. Trust Allah blindly!

When I was a kid we had a puzzle of Sylvester, Tweety and the dog in the cartoon (I forgot its name) What happened here is that after 5 or 6 years I finally could see the image of Tweety! It is a simulation to say that life in reality is a puzzle. Pieces are placed one after another in order to give you a final image. Nothing happens for no reason. Your moments of joy, your moments of pain, your moments of victory, your success, your failure, your loss,… everything is meant to be, everything was planned so wisely by Allah. The second key I want you to hold is PATIENCE. Whatever befalls you, be patient until the image gets clear.

Give without waiting to be rewarded is the third key. Do things for the sake of Allah, be kind even to those who are bad to you, offer whatever you can, be human! What you have inside will automatically show up around you. Plant good wherever you walk and you’ll surely reap the fruits one day.

The last key that the experience I had covers is THANKFULNESS. It happens sometimes that we’re drowned in struggles, sadness, and a tone of negative feelings on which we focus, forgetting about all the blessing that surround us. Being thankful is to be able to see those blessings even in such hard times. To be able to feel satisfied about what we have. To say Alhamdu Lillah with a big smile having your head up, instead of “Alhamdu Lillah ‘ala kolli haal” (praise be to Allah whatever my state is/anyway) in a way that makes it look like you carry the world on your shoulders. Be it a test or a blessing, whatever befalls you is good for you either in this life or in the hereafter. Be thankful!

Trust, patience, kindness (doing things for the sake of Allah) and thankfulness were the four things I learned, and I hope to stick to all along my life. I wish that each one of you could hold on these values.

Let’s live our tests with a heart full of faith. See you in the next episode In Shaa Allah!