Many kids believe that comics superheroes exist. Most of us think that their imagination is beyond limits, but if we take a closer look we will realize that it is not about their imagination, it is about our blindness. Superheroes do exist in our world!


September 6th, 2016

1 pm at the arrival airport:

The plane was supposed to arrive two hours earlier, I had a bus to take at 2 pm, a two hours trip, an administrative appointment and more than 70 kg of luggage to carry. I asked the person sitting beside me in the plane how long it takes to finish the arrival procedure saying that I had a bus to take in an hour. It was, of course, impossible to catch the bus and to arrive on time to my appointment, besides, I had to improvise in order to reach my destination.

Isn’t there anyone waiting for you at the airport or at your final destination?” He asked.

No.” I replied.

Not even a family member here?


Don’t worry, I will help you! I can even send you to my sister to spend the night, but I prefer that you get closer to your destination.

Thanks! That’s really kind of you. I prefer getting closer too.

Luggage and orientation tasks were his until we reached the metro station where he had to leave. Probably to give a helping hand to someone else, flying in the sky of the city and watching over citizens!… Of course not! But doesn’t it make of you a superhero to help a stranger out? Mysterious, unknown to the helped person, you do all you can waiting for nothing in return… Yes, that day I met SUPERMAN!


One of my suitcases was causing me a big trouble because it couldn’t go straight when dragging it which made me suffer of wrist pain for many consecutive days afterward. Not mentioning that I had two suitcases that couldn’t stand on their own, a bag and a backpack.

I was standing in line in order to buy a ticket after asking here and there about the way to get to my destination. I would like to mention the exceptional meeting I had with DREAM GIRL whose superpowers helped me figure out which way was quicker, safer and more effective. Such a welcoming face with a great attitude, I would never think that DREAM GIRL would leave all the work she had as a receptionist in order to explore the possible trajectories and conveyances for me! Isn’t it awesome!!?

Every time the line got shorter, it was hard for me to follow it until a kind person cached my falling suitcase.

I am from Egypt, you don’t have to worry about this one, I will take care of it!” Pointing the suitcase he started to drag. “I am on vacation. What did you come here for?

Studies.” After thanking him for his help.

Can you imagine!!? SPIDERMAN lives in Egypt! Until I bought my metro ticket, he took care of that suitcase of mine. Unbelievable!


Excuse me please, does this metro go to X place.” I asked before jumping in.

Yes! Yes!” Replied a feminine voice. I took a seat beside a beautiful blond girl wearing glasses that helped her read a book eagerly.

Excuse me please, how much time does it take to reach X place?

About 30 minutes.” The same voice, she was the one who answered my first question. “But you will have to change the metro line. Are not you from here?

No, I am from another country.

Strange, you don’t have any accent. I will stop at the same station, I will have to go in the opposite direction, but don’t worry I will help you search for the other line before leaving.

And so it happened, she was moving fast, trying to read the signboards. With all the luggage I had, I could barely keep her in sight! She didn’t leave before making sure I was on the right line and disappeared as soon as she said goodbye. Such an angel!


Excuse me sir, I am searching for the train lines.” He looked to be in another dimension and took some time before noticing my presence, but he didn’t need me to ask the question again.

They are on the last floor, follow me.” “Let me help you with the luggage.” Said PROFESSOR X when reaching the escalator.

Oh thank you! Are you going there?

No, I will help you reach there then I will come back here. Where are you from?


Oh Alger la blanche (white Algiers)” And he kept a smile on his face until reaching the train lines. “Here we are, have a safe trip!


The final destination 7pm:

After work starts the real work!

I used the station free wifi in order to search for a hotel as it was planned that I spend the night in my student room if I could arrive on time. I listed some, and started calling in order to know about prices as I couldn’t move a muscle anymore. All the calls failed maybe because there was no coverage for my mobile company, I had to go to the reception. One of the receptionists was about to leave, but she gave me a sign to get closer.

As soon as I explained my problem, BATGIRL listed some hotels she knew,  searched for their phone numbers and handed me the train company phone! Skilled, kind and efficient!


By the end of the day, I split my luggage into tow blocs, I drag one and come back for the one left behind! I have no superpowers but thanks to all the superheroes I met I could make it! Wasn’t it already long, I would have mentioned a bunch of them. Their role in my story was primordial and so is the role of everyone of us, because the little effort we make might mean too much to the receiving person.

To all the kind people out there, to all those who make life easier for some individuals even when they don’t know them, YOU ARE SUPERHEROES!

PS: To my Muslim fellows and to whoever believes in God: Never think you will be left on your own even when no one you know is around. Allah will help you through and will put the right persons on your way, just trust Him!