Sarah, your story was heart touching, your death was very teaching. May Allah shower you with Mercy and house you His paradise.

Salam everyone! The diary is back with a new true life story that I hope will benefit you 🙂


On my 3rd year in college, a colleague of mine passed away. I never met her, Nor I knew her before, but it happened that there used to be a students’ forum in which she used to be active. So I went through her posts and the posts of those who knew her. The way she thinks, the life she handled, the things she lost, her pain, her sadness, her happy moments, the dreams she carried, everything was on her posts. Her talks were so wise! Even in her last moments on the forum, it looked like she knew that she was gonna pass away soon… She lost her mom when young and since then she became a mother to her little brothers and sisters. It was her last year at the university, being a pharmacist was her dream because studies for her were a challenge that she had to take daily. But she reached the source of water yet she couldn’t drink.


All what came into my mind on that period was that I’m alive Alhamdu Lillah, but when my life is indifferent, hers wasn’t; when I had no responsibility to carry except that of myself, many people depended on her, she was the one who deserves to see her dreams come true, not I. For months I used to verify if she was going to post anything on the forum again. I couldn’t accept her death until I started seeing things differently…


I realized that there is a reason behind everything… Though the way that person looked deserving, Allah made that it was me who made it till the end. Her dreams were buried, but to me as long as I am walking her way, I carry her dream too. Allah gave me an opportunity when depriving such a deserving person, He is the All-knowing, He is the only one to know why. But since I got that privilege, I’ve to be worth it. It is like when your boss at work gives you a project and you try your best to prove that you really deserved it, except that you have nothing to prove to Allah, all you will be proving is only to yourself.


A lot of dreams were buried with their owners, a lot of people that had the same life goals as you couldn’t achieve their goals. If today you’re achieving yours, be worth it. Be devoted in all that you do and make of everything you do a step towards Jannah, a step that takes you miles away from Hell-fire, a step that makes you closer to your Creator. Because while you don’t realize how much blessed you are to still have a chance on Earth to make your Akhira better all those under the ground wish they could be you.