December 2016

Be all yours!

Some people call it loneliness, feel sad about it and refer to it as the most horrific thing that could ever happen to someone.. Truth is, we all like to spend time with our loved ones, but think about it, don’t you love yourself?
When no one cares, it is the most suitable time for you to care about yourself! Do the things you like, walk a step toward improvement, give a helping hand to those in need, dream bigger and fly higher than anyone could ever fly!
You shouldn’t feel bad when it is enjoyable. Don’t be all by yourself when none is around, instead, be all yours !


Time is precious

“Time is precious, even when you don’t have enough to reach your goal, you will be rewarded for your effort. Make good use of it.” – O.Nasriquotefr1

Sauteed Green beans


  • Green beans
  • Tomatoes sauce
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Spices

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Muslim diaries -10 – Why so chaotic? One side of the coin

We are surrounded with chaos either on a personal level or on a community level and the questions that most of us ask are: Why is this happening? Why me/us? Why doesn’t it get solved once and for all so that we may¬†finally have peace? Continue reading “Muslim diaries -10 – Why so chaotic? One side of the coin”

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