January 2017

A baby!

It might not seem like a big event, but after 5 months far from those little creatures, I could finally hold a baby!! That was so magical..!.. The way he smiled, the way he kept calm and the fact that even after he got his mother back he still wanted to stay with me. Such a pleasure!

Those were the most joyful minutes I had in the last five months, the minutes I spent with you baby Nathan!


A nursery school pupil

My aunt narrated once that she was holding my hand on the street when I suddenly started laughing, pointing at a “random” boy. When we lost sight of him I told her that he was my classmate at the nursery school.
That was weird lol
After getting graduated I did the same thing again when seeing a classmate on TV.
Only now that I visualise the scene, I realize that nothing but time has changed, I’m still that weird nursery school pupil 😀

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