Salam everyone! I am so glad to announce that the guest of our episode is my best friend, counselor and soul twin… Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my BROTHER!

Our text today talks about a tiny little event compared to the lifetime I spent with my brother. I will not point out the lessons but I hope it will help the brothers reading this understand that the hard way isn’t necessarily the best way.

Ready? Let’s start 🙂


I came back home after a long tiring day, went to the living room to finish the box of wafers I started eating the day before. Apparently as full as I left it, but under the last wafer I took appeared a blue solid obstacle. I hurriedly teared the wafers’ packing to find a blue box inside of which was a beautiful ring with a word on a piece of paper “Enjoy your wafers”.

Now looking back to all the gifts I received in my life, the dearest ever to me was that ring. Many are the reasons for which I cherish it. here I list some for you..


Imagine you save your salary apart, spend every single penny building a nice house and offer it to your sister. Would you do it? My bro did it!

Being a student, the money with which he bought the ring was practically all he had 🙂

Jewels… So what?

If we were to give a jewel to 1000 individuals asking them to offer it to only one person, I don’t think that the majority of them would choose to offer it to their sisters. That was the first jewel my brother ever bought, the first time he enters a jewelry store or even cares about girls stuffs. He could have done it for mom… The fact that he did it for me counts a lot to my eyes.

Perfect? There is still something to do about it!

Moreover, he didn’t neglect the surprise part, buried the gift in a box of wafers, reshaped it so that it looks exactly the same and sprinkled some humor over the whole thing when attaching a paper to the ring on which he wrote “Enjoy your wafers”.

I want to make you happy but I don’t want you to cry!

As I arrived home, my bro left. We exchanged some talks at the entry before I could meet mom who suggested me to eat the wafers I had left as I said I was hungry ( 😀 )

When one prepares a surprise, watching the reaction of the person(s) all the work was done for is the most interesting part, it would seem strange that my brother missed it… And it really was strange until my mother said (when I finished crying), he left because he knew you would cry.

Tow messages!

As I said before I don’t want to go deep talking about the lessons, but here is a small hint for the brothers out there:  {Is the reward for good [anything] but good?} Quran 55:60

To my brother: Everyone can offer gifts, rare are those who can offer memories. Because memory is what makes of a one-time gift, an ever lasting one. I believe the luckiest day in my life was the day you were born. You’re so special, stay blessed ^_^