Hello people! I hope you are doing well. Before starting this episode topic, a small introduction is needed for our non Muslim follower 🙂

For those of you who do not know, in Islam, we have five daily prayers. Prayer time is announced with ATHAN/ADHAN (prayer call). Curious? Here is a video for you!

The first prayer in the day is called Fajr, its announcement is a little bit special. Since it takes place in the early morning, a small sentence is added approximately at the end of ATHAN meaning “Prayer is better than sleep”, in Arabic “الصلاة خير من النوم” in order to remind people that there is something worth leaving our comfortable beds for.

Sans titreIn the last few months I’ve been to a non Muslim country and I had to use a website in order to check prayer times. What I like about the website is that it announces prayer time with ATHAN, however, they had a bug lately. Apparently solved, they now use Fajr ATHAN for all the prayer times, which really matches with the state of our youth nowadays. Sleeping all the day long, with no purpose in life, we are not productive to ourselves, to our families, to our nation or to the world.

When Allah says in his book {And We did not create the heaven and earth and that between them in play.} Quran 21:16 , the nation behaves in completely the opposite way!

As Muslims, we are supposed to know that we were created for a purpose, that at the end of this long, yet brief, journey we will be held accountable for every single thing we did on Earth. We are supposed to know that our contribution to this world regardless our field of expertise really counts.

When you have a religion that makes of your smile charity, that makes valuable a kind word you say to a random stranger, that rewards your respect to elders, your help to the weak, your righteousness and every act of goodness you do, a religion that encourages seeking knowledge , self improvement and hard work…How would you explain your idleness? With such kind of data, your day must look like treasure hunting.

I don’t want to talk longer because it is a sorrowful situation and a vast topic. I would just say that we shouldn’t leave this world as if we never existed when we can leave a legacy behind!

The website I talked about Sunnabox

Credit goes to the one who shared it with me at first 🙂 (Hi there doc!)