countriesThe moment you said “Don’t be like me.”, I realized that you don’t know who you really are. That day I wanted to say a lot of things to let you know how great you are. I sincerely believe that I wont be anything like you, because no matter how hard I try I wont be able to do a tiny little part of what you have done.

Never have I met in my whole life a person in your wisdom, intellect and vision. I could have let my heart talk that day or even now, but I decided to keep silent and let some proofs speak on my behalf.

During a one month experiment, I shared some words of yours to let you see how far their echo can go. I didn’t promote them, as I don’t promote any content I share. Curious to know which quotes I shared? Here is a link for you -> Quotes

By the end of the experiment, I listed to the right all the countries in which your quotes were read and down here is a global map. global map


This is really nothing, compared to who you are. It is but what my little effort could recolt. But if one day you decide to let the world know you, if one day you realize how strong, influential, wise and A M A Z I N G you are, you wont ever think of asking me not to be like you again.

I am the luckiest person on earth to have you. I even wonder sometimes if I deserve to be your daughter. To the most A W E S O M E person I have ever known, I love you mom!

PS: To those who had been following this part of my blog, those were some words of mom. I published but a few due to some technical problems but they were enough to have people from different parts of the world following them. Thanks for your encouragement and for stopping by everytime a quote was shared!