This is absolutely not a sad story. It is a little silly life experience that by extension will briefly talk about dealing with sad moments. Let us start! ^^

Some years ago I went on a trip with some friends. The first part of it was A M A Z I N G! For 10 days, we were together, we spent time together, we did things together, we had fun and they became a part of my daily life. But in the second part of the trip each of us had a plan and we had to part.  So when they moved away, I and two friends of mine stayed behind for one more day.

Everything around reminded me of the first part of the trip and I could no more have fun. I also had to sleep in a room alone without my two friends and it didn’t help at all. It was a three days program and I spent one day and one night crying over ruins (Arabic proverb) when others were enjoying the moment. To look back at things now I feel stupid. It was natural but not reasonable to feel that much sad and to live in a moment other than present for that much time. Imagine if my life span was three days, in that case I spent the one third crying about things that I had no power to change.

By extension, in life, there are solvable problems and problems that are not or cannot be solved at the present moment, so when we face hardship we have to know how to differentiate between them. We waste a lot of time grieving for things we can do nothing about when we miss a lot of things around. The truth is when we don’t move on, a lot of things around us keep moving, nothing stops for our grief. And to look back one day we might realize that we missed some opportunities, that we lost more than what pained us, or that the solution had always been in front of us if we only decided to look out of the sadness box.

Solving problems is like preparing magic potions. You have to look for the ingredients carefully and wait for a full moon night. And until the full moon is here there is a life that deserves to be lived.