Salam people! Blogging… blogging… blogging!

What I like about blogging is that I do not learn alone. I am not knowledgeable, nor I have any great experience in life, but I write about what I wish myself and the world could learn. “Will it benefit others?” is the first question I ask whenever sharing anything online. I believe we will be held accountable for our acts and talks and if I address people in whatever way it should add more weight to my good deeds balance. It helped me change my reserved nature a bit and I could publish on hubpages under a different nickname before I decide to have my own space here.

The first thing writing helps me improve is my language skills. I use different languages: Arabic, French and English, for now. It happened that I wrote in Spanish too, some short childish paragraphs. I think writing helps practicing languages.

On the opposite of what would advise me any blogger on this planet, I prefer treating different topics. As I write to learn, it wouldn’t be fair to develop one domain and leave so many others. It might not help the blog get popular, but I’m not worried about that. So if you pass by, it might happen that you find some writings interesting for you, but not some others. Categories are here to direct you.

It has been some time since I started a Muslims dedicated series named “Muslim diaries” a different teaching story shared in every episode. For now, I will be sharing the episodes I wrote on a regular basis beside many other posts.

If you have a different opinion about any topic I treat, don’t stay there talking to yourself behind the screen. I am an open minded person, or I think I am, so any opinion is welcome for me. The same goes when you think that I might be able to help you with something, I consider my readers friends of mine.

Let the trip begin!