Don’t be like me

countriesThe moment you said “Don’t be like me.”, I realized that you don’t know who you really are. That day I wanted to say a lot of things to let you know how great you are. I sincerely believe that I wont be anything like you, because no matter how hard I try I wont be able to do a tiny little part of what you have done. Continue reading “Don’t be like me”


Muslim diaries -12- Prayer VS Sleep

Hello people! I hope you are doing well. Before starting this episode topic, a small introduction is needed for our non Muslim follower 🙂

For those of you who do not know, in Islam, we have five daily prayers. Prayer time is announced with ATHAN/ADHAN (prayer call). Curious? Here is a video for you!

Continue reading “Muslim diaries -12- Prayer VS Sleep”

Muslim diaries -11- A special gift

Salam everyone! I am so glad to announce that the guest of our episode is my best friend, counselor and soul twin… Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my BROTHER! Continue reading “Muslim diaries -11- A special gift”

Muslim diaries -9- Be worth it!

Sarah, your story was heart touching, your death was very teaching. May Allah shower you with Mercy and house you His paradise.

Salam everyone! The diary is back with a new true life story that I hope will benefit you 🙂


Continue reading “Muslim diaries -9- Be worth it!”

Superheroes exist!

Many kids believe that comics superheroes exist. Most of us think that their imagination is beyond limits, but if we take a closer look we will realize that it is not about their imagination, it is about our blindness. Superheroes do exist in our world! Continue reading “Superheroes exist!”

Muslim diaries -8- A tiny small seed

When a tiny little seed teaches you a life time lesson!

Continue reading “Muslim diaries -8- A tiny small seed”

Droit devant!

Une des leçons que la vie continue à nous apprendre est d’aller de l’avant. Non pas pour oublier les chaînes qui nous détiennent, mais pour les casser à jamais. Droit devant!

Continue reading “Droit devant!”

Muslim diaries -7- Four Keys!

What if in the blink of an eye you understand years of existence… Continue reading “Muslim diaries -7- Four Keys!”

Bookmarks (How to?) – Eid gifts –

This short article will answer the HOW question and will be a mean to offer these Islamic bookmaks to whoever likes reading Quran. Continue reading “Bookmarks (How to?) – Eid gifts –”

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