Droit devant!

Une des leçons que la vie continue à nous apprendre est d’aller de l’avant. Non pas pour oublier les chaînes qui nous détiennent, mais pour les casser à jamais. Droit devant!

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Photoshop – Old photo effect: Yellow plane – How to?

Hi everyone! Here is something I worked on some time ago during my learning process. I’m totally a beginner with photoshop, so feel free to write any critics, tips or maybe encouraging words in the comments area 🙂

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Inside a lantern



Palestine flies high in Algeria’s sky

The Palestinian flag is a natural part of the scene here in Algeria. In some shops, on balconies, in stadiums, on cars, drawn on some walls and sometimes even in weddings… anywhere you go, your eyes might catch it. Continue reading “Palestine flies high in Algeria’s sky”

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