These quotes belong to the most influencing person I could ever meet.

Don’t be like me

countriesThe moment you said “Don’t be like me.”, I realized that you don’t know who you really are. That day I wanted to say a lot of things to let you know how great you are. I sincerely believe that I wont be anything like you, because no matter how hard I try I wont be able to do a tiny little part of what you have done. Continue reading “Don’t be like me”


Stone by stone

“Stone by stone, you break down mountains.”

– O.Nasri –

Do the first step

“It is scary, until you do the first step.”

– O. Nasri –

An hour

“An hour of hard work in time of ease for a day of ease in time of hardship.” – O. Nasri

It defines you

“What you see, read or hear influences your subconscious and defines you.” – O.Nasri


“Only with Allah your way is enlightened. Only with His remembrance shall your heart find light.” – O.Nasri

Satisfaction and hard work

“You might wish to have a lot of things in this life, some of which you consider so important. Your life course might depend on things you yet couldn’t obtain. All the plans you make, all the things you pray for may become yours one day as it might never happen. You should be satisfied with what you possess right at the moment, do your best to use the blessings you have in the best way you can and work hard to get that which you want. The key to what is to come is satisfaction and hard work.” – O.Nasri

Good fragrance

“Good fragrance can’t be hidden.” – O.Nasri

Time is precious

“Time is precious, even when you don’t have enough to reach your goal, you will be rewarded for your effort. Make good use of it.” – O.Nasriquotefr1

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