Bad perception

I often say to those who believe that they are not good enough “You have a bad perception of yourself.”

When they think that this expression is a denial to the “bad things” they did, it actually is not. It is a recognition to all the aspects of their person.

I believe that we are not our acts or talks. We are that small seed deep inside wrapped in darkness and dust waiting for the right moment to germinate.


Muslim diaries -13- Dealing with Sadness

This is absolutely not a sad story. It is a little silly life experience that by extension will briefly talk about dealing with sad moments. Let us start! ^^ Continue reading “Muslim diaries -13- Dealing with Sadness”

Stone by stone

“Stone by stone, you break down mountains.”

– O.Nasri –

Quick announcement

Salam everyone!

My pc broke down, so I am unable to prepare pictures for the quotes. We’ll go with simple texts, sorry about that.

PS: I thank all those who helped me! There will surely be an article dedicated to them 🙂

Stay blessed!

An hour

“An hour of hard work in time of ease for a day of ease in time of hardship.” – O. Nasri


Religion doesn’t mean depression, sadness, struggles … It is just that we turn to it when life gets harder and we leave it for a single worldly drop of pleasure and happiness.

Muslim diaries -11- A special gift

Salam everyone! I am so glad to announce that the guest of our episode is my best friend, counselor and soul twin… Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my BROTHER! Continue reading “Muslim diaries -11- A special gift”

Sauteed Green beans


  • Green beans
  • Tomatoes sauce
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Spices

Continue reading “Sauteed Green beans”

Muslim Diaries -6- Satan’s (Shaytan) strategy

This also is a real life story! The story of our parents Adam and Hawa (Eve) and how Shaytan (Satan) caused them to leave Paradise. Continue reading “Muslim Diaries -6- Satan’s (Shaytan) strategy”

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