Bad perception

I often say to those who believe that they are not good enough “You have a bad perception of yourself.”

When they think that this expression is a denial to the “bad things” they did, it actually is not. It is a recognition to all the aspects of their person.

I believe that we are not our acts or talks. We are that small seed deep inside wrapped in darkness and dust waiting for the right moment to germinate.


Muslim diaries -13- Dealing with Sadness

This is absolutely not a sad story. It is a little silly life experience that by extension will briefly talk about dealing with sad moments. Let us start! ^^ Continue reading “Muslim diaries -13- Dealing with Sadness”


Walking on the street not really paying attention to my surroundings, had not my hand touched the flower’s pins accidently, I would never notice it was there. Similarily, many people behave in a bad way just because they don’t get enough attention.

Don’t be like me

countriesThe moment you said “Don’t be like me.”, I realized that you don’t know who you really are. That day I wanted to say a lot of things to let you know how great you are. I sincerely believe that I wont be anything like you, because no matter how hard I try I wont be able to do a tiny little part of what you have done. Continue reading “Don’t be like me”

Stone by stone

“Stone by stone, you break down mountains.”

– O.Nasri –

His plan

“Sometimes really annoying things happen to you. Really annoying things! And you get stuck in the traffic in your way to Arabic class… 45 minutes late. You’re upset.
Kind of … Is that part of Allah’s plan?
Yes! Coz you need to learn Sabr (patience) more than you need to learn Arabic some days. So He is gonna teach it to you. And if that means He has to make you loose your keys, He’ll make you loose your keys. It is part of His plan coz He is heping you to control your temper He is helping you to learn to rely on him.
Sometimes He makes you pass a test, sometimes He makes you fail the test so you learn to understand where success and failure come from.”

– NAK –

This text is a part of a leture delivered by Nouman Ali Khan. For those of you who want to watch the full video, here is the link ->

Do the first step

“It is scary, until you do the first step.”

– O. Nasri –

Quick announcement

Salam everyone!

My pc broke down, so I am unable to prepare pictures for the quotes. We’ll go with simple texts, sorry about that.

PS: I thank all those who helped me! There will surely be an article dedicated to them 🙂

Stay blessed!

Steamed meat

One of the healthiest ways to cook meat is to steam it 🙂 Continue reading “Steamed meat”

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